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The books on this page contain graphic sexual scenes, Do NOT read if you are under 18.

Dark Moon . . .

Erotica and Hot Romance Titles
Maelstrom of Fate by Tamara A. Lowery The Daedalus Enigma by Tamara A. Lowery Ocean's Portal by Shiloh Darke Liminal Key by Ruth J. Burroughs Hell's Dodo by Tamara A. Lowery Kameeta's Pleasure by Shiloh Darke Black Venom by Tamara A. Lowery Marissa's Surprise Silent Fathoms by Tamara A. Lowery Tesla's Completion by Shiloh Darke Kill My Husband by Stanley Bruce Carter The Extortions of Stiffani Voydalle by Stanley Bruce Carter Sparrow's Release by Shiloh Darke Demon Bayou by Tamara A. Lowery The Caskian Scandal by Stanley Bruce Carter Love and Liberty by Lee-Ann Graff Vinson Callie's Fate by Lee-Ann Graff Vinson The Depraved Dances of Taram Zhod by Stanley Bruce Carter Blood Curse, Book One Of Waves of Darkness by Tamara A. Lowery The Form of Eternity by Shiloh Darke Allison's Deception by Shiloh Darke Rachel's Inheritance Tarrah's Dream Patricia's Desire The Chosen Mate The Eternal by Shiloh Darke Eternal Moon by Shiloh Darke Shirr-ha: Taken Shirr-ha: First Lessons
Forbidden Love by G. E. Stills