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FREE as the March Wind!

 Free Reads for you. We decided to offer you free reads for two reasons. First of all, all our free reads are formatted and proofed with the same care as our commercial titles, so you can see what kind of publishers we are. Second, as a sample of our authors' styles of writing, so you can test out the writing before you buy. We'll even be offering sample chapters here from time to time, so be sure and come back often to check what's new. We'll be adding lots of goodies to this page soon! Click on the FREE Download button beside each picture to download the book. SNEAK PEEKS!!! Click here to read a FREE sample of upcoming titles!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have trouble opening any of our PDF files in Adobe Reader, please download and try this FREE program:

Horses and Riding Them: A Rider's and Writer's Guide   Free Download NOW!      The Mother by Lisa Farrell      Free Download NOW!

Free Chapters! Download a sample before you buy the book.

Rachel's Inheritance   Download FREE Now    Tarrah   Download FREE Now

The Adventures of Conrad: American Revolution   Downliad FREE Now    The Eternal    Download FREE Now 

Eternal Moon by Shiloh Darke   Free Download  

McCann's Manor: Portal   Download FREE Now   Bakery Murders: Challenge by Charlotte Holley   Free Download

Patricia's Desire by Shiloh Darke   Download FREE Now   Into the Fire by Denise Bartlett   Download FREE Now

Snow Cat by Anne Petzer     Free Download

Sneak Peeks!

Advanced FREE chapters (BELOW) of selected upcoming titles. Watch for:
The Form of Eternity, Third of the Order of Eternals Series by Shiloh Darke
Whispers From the Past: Vendetta, Third of The Actor's Guild Paranormal Mystery Series by Charlotte Holley
Into the Fire, First of the new series by Denise Bartlett
CLICK on the "FREE Download" button by the picture to download your FREE SAMPLE read of these upcoming titles!

  The Form of Eternity by Shiloh Darke    Download FREE Now    Whispers From the Past by Charlotte Holley    Download FREE Now