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Shadow Dance . . .
Titles in Dark Fantasy, Paranormal and Supernatural
Altruism Costs a Life by Roland Hhopkins Dark Illusion by Jay Seate Imprint by Dawn Colclasure Maelstrom of Fate by Tamara A. Lowery The Daedalus Enigma by Tamara A. Lowery Liminal Key by Ruth J. Burroughs Hell's Dodo by Tamara A. Lowery Hemophage by Stephen M. DeBock Black Venom by Tamara A. Lowery Metamorph by Stephen M. DeBock Whispers From the Past: Vendetta by Charlotte Holley Silent Fathoms by Tamara A. Lowery A Man Named Klaus by Violetta Antcliff Shadow of Samhain by Dawn Colclasure Sensations by Rowan Shannigan Edith's Journey by Peter Simon The Carol Singers by Violetta Antcliff Toys Lights and Trinkets by Jim Woods Brambles and Thorns by Lisa Farrell Christmas Dance by Rowan Shannigan Holly and Ivy by Lisa Farrell In the Dead of Winter by Tamara A. Lowery Demon Bayou by Tamara A. Lowery The Tour Bus of Doom (Spam and the Zombie Apocalyps-o) by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough The Haunted Spring by Anthony Diesso The Green Man's Curse by R. M. Brandon Sapphire by Violetta Antcliff The Anvil Ghosts by Violetta Antcliff The Witch and the Squirrels by G. E. Stills A Cross to Bare by Stephen M. DeBock Time Warped by Tracey L. Pacelli Morgen by Stephen M. DeBock Spam Vs. the Vampire by K. B. Dundee as told to Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Awareness by Meridian Mychaels Allison's Deception by Shiloh Darke The Sainthood Ghost by Lady Deidre The Form of Eternity by Shiloh Darke Blood Curse, Book One Of Waves of Darkness by Tamara A. Lowery The Eternal by Shiloh Darke Eternal Moon by Shiloh Darke McCann's Manor: Portal The Bakery Murders by Charlotte Holley The Cursed by Lisa Farrell The Drastic Dragon of Draco, Texas by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough The Goldcamp Vampire by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough The Harem of Aman Akbar by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough The Lady in the Loch by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough The Unicorn Creed by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Bronwyn's Bane by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Umbral Visions by Garrett Calcaterra The Christening Quest by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Phantom Banjo by Eliabeth Ann Scarborough Picking the Ballad's Bones by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Strum Again? by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough The Godmother's Apprentice by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough The Godmother's Web by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough